AXE Black 4 Piece Gift Set is the perfect gift for the guys in your life and includes what a guy needs to get ready. This AXE Regimen Gift Set includes one full size (16 oz) AXE Black Body Wash, one full size (4 oz) AXE Black Daily Fragrance Body Spray for men, one full size (12 oz) AXE Urban Daily Thickening Shampoo, and a bonus item of one trial and travel size (1oz) AXE You Body Spray. The items in this gift set help him find his magic and get out the door feeling fresh and confident. Start the day by showering with invigorating AXE Black Body Wash and AXE Urban Daily Thickening Shampoo. Stay confidently fresh with a few quick sprays of AXE Black Body Spray for Men to put on the perfect finishing touch. First twist the cap and spray across body for a lasting great smelling fragrance that makes a lasting impression. All that is left is to get dressed and head out. The AXE Black fragrance is a subtle, refined fragrance with zesty bergamot combined with fresh rosemary and soothing cedar wood. FIND YOUR MAGIC with AXE Black Regimen Gift Set from AXE Grooming for Men. 

AXE Holiday Box Set