• This is the perfect answer for those who like to do their own home improvements or work in construction. This ANART wraps perfectly around your wrist and hold your nails, screws and bolts and helps to keep you from having to climb up and down a later or hold them in your mouth or even in your pockets.
  • Made with strong, durable and breathable fabric to be used under any work environment.The magnets are super strong! The nails and screws won't come off unless you pull it off. At the same time it is easy to pull off one at a time by hand.
  • A fabulous Father's Day gift for most any dad, grandpas. Or a great birthday gift or Christmas gift as well. Would even be a good gift for moms, especially ones that do crafts, the Velcro allows it to fit a variety of sizes.
  • The band can hold a massive amount of screws and nails, they will not fall off the band even if you try to shake them off. It can also hold a hammer and handful of nails or screws at the same time. This works great when holding 1 large tool with screws and nails alongside it.
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: You have a full year to return your magnetic wristbands if it does not meet your expectations!

Magnetic Wristband